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My passion for lifestyle photography is a direct result of my outgoing, people-loving personality.

I most enjoy capturing intimate and candid moments, especially washed in natural sunlight with bright colors.

I look forward to every session, with new or familiar faces in any location.

Hello! I'm Katie. I am a Georgia native, born and raised.

I have been shooting nearly my entire life – growing from a curious shutterbug taking portraits of my friends in high school to an established artist documenting engagements, weddings, new families, and more.


So far, my photography has taken me from Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia to Colorado, Louisiana, Washington, and many beautiful places between. 


Other than photography, I am an avid adventurer and always up for travel. Some of my latest trips have been Portugal, Peru, England, & France, and Ireland. I am also trying to check off every state. I am about halfway so far! 


I am definitely a pun queen. Be prepared to hear some pretty terrible jokes. They are almost guaranteed to make you laugh.


Why was the strawberry mad?

It was in a jam.

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